Sexting is a huge part of internet culture. It’s fun to do with a partner when you can’t physically meet to have sex, and it’s also one of the big ways that adult content creators can make money!

If you’re serious about making money on OnlyFans, then you should definitely learn how to sext properly.

Man and woman exchange text messages on phones

This article will explain what sexting is, some of the common apps and methods of sexting, along with how you can turn your sexting skills into money!

What is sexting?

First of all, you might be confused about what the term “sexting” actually means. Is it just text messages? Is it only over SMS? Does it include pictures or videos?

Sexting is a combination of the words “sex” and “texting”, but it actually includes any type of sexual play that happens over a phone (or even computer). If you talk about sex, send teasing or naked pictures, or get naked over facetime, then all of those count as sexting!

If it involves your phone and you getting naughty with another person, then it probably counts as sexting!

What apps are used for sexting?

Any app that allows you to communicate with people can be used for sexting. Here’s a short list of popular apps people sext with:

  • SMS / text messaging app
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram via DM (direct messages)
  • Tinder or similar dating apps
  • Skype

The list could potentially go on forever because, you can sext with… basically any app that allows you to send messages over the internet!

Many apps like Snapchat include a disappearing message feature, making them more popular for sexting because your sexts will be removed a short time after you send them. This can give people a better sense of privacy when sexting.

Can you make money sexting?

Since this blog is mostly about the business of porn, it makes sense to talk about ways to use sexting to make money.

The answer is: YES! You can definitely make good money sexting. One of the main ways people make money on OnlyFans is by exchanging naughty DMs with their fans in exchange for tips.

However, you don’t need an OnlyFans account to make money sexting. You can also use an app like Snapchat and take payments via PayPal or CashApp.

Is sexting safe?

It’s important to remember that anything you send over the internet could potentially be saved, screenshotted or re-posted online somewhere without your consent, so you should always be careful and think twice before sending sexual photos, videos or messages.

Generally speaking, sexting with a romantic partner who you know and trust is going to be safe. However, you may want to not show your face or any other identifying features like tattoos or birthmarks in any sexual photos or videos you send.

Some apps are better fits for sexting due to their features. Snapchat is one example of a messaging app that is well-designed for sexting because messages will automatically disappear after they’ve been viewed by all chat participants. Unopened messages are also regularly removed from Snapchat servers after 31 days.

If you want to sext and also want to be more private / secure, then using Snapchat or other disappearing message modes can be a great idea.

Is sexting bad?

When you look back on some of your naughty sexting exchanges you might feel guilty or like you’re doing something bad.

It’s important to remember that sexting is just a normal extension of humans being horny and wanting to express that / have some kind of outlet for it.

Even before smartphones and the internet, couples would write erotic letters to each other. So, written sexual exchange has been a normal part of human history for a very long time.

If you do feel guilty, you should probably think about why you have such negative emotions around it. Is it because you don’t trust the person you were sexting with? Is it because you feel vulnerable for revealing some kinks or fetishes in your sexting?

Because sexting is a sexual outlet, it’s also a way that people can learn things about themselves and discover what turns them on. This process of learning about your sexuality is not always easy or comfortable. Maybe you have fantasies that you think are abnormal or weird.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have a fantasy, someone else probably has it too. Someone else is probably sexting about it, too!

How to get better at sexting

Though it might seem kind of funny, sexting is a skill and you can improve your sexting skill with the right techniques!

Tease and seduce

The key to sexting is to arouse someone’s imagination and get them doing most of the work in their own head. You can do that through good description and well-constructed storytelling techniques. Don’t just rush into the raunchy details, give your sexts a full plot with an exciting progression to the climax.

Read some of the stories on websites like Literotica or in erotic writing subreddits. You can learn a lot about the pacing of a good erotic story and apply the same principles to your sexting.

In general, it’s a good idea to get the other person to participate by telling the story in bits and pieces while you ask them how they like it or what they’re thinking at any given point in the exchange.

Make it visual

As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. While texts can help stir the imagination and get people very excited, adding teasing pictures or video clips will help take your sexting to the next level.

It’s important to remember that you want to tease and seduce. Don’t just give everything away. If you’re a girl, you could try to hide your sensitive parts with a one finger selfie like the picture below:

The one finger selfie challenge
The one finger selfie is a great way to tease in sexting

Full nudity can be hot, but the imagination is a powerful thing, so get creative with sexy clothing, poses and lighting.

As a girl, you could wear some sexy lingerie and play with the lighting in your room to try and take sexy photos that have a nice and sensual mood.

Make some noise

Pictures and video clips might seem like an obvious addition to your sexts, but audio can be just as powerful (or even more so). Anyone who’s familiar with ASMR knows what a massive genre sexy and soothing audio is!

As a girl, try adding some moans or seductive instructions as a part of your sexting.

As a guy, lower your voice, try to speak slowly and describe what you’d like to do with your partner.

When people are aroused, generally they’re more calm and they speak slowly. You can channel this same energy in your audio messages to help turn your partner on!

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