So, you’ve made an OnlyFans account and started posting to your feed. Maybe you’ve linked it on your Instagram or Twitter bio, but you’re still not getting many new subscribers or people wanting to pay big money for your content.

There are lots of good traffic sources for OnlyFans, but TikTok is hands-down one of the best ways to grow a following on social and get people to pay for your OnlyFans in 2023.


But you need to do it correctly. If you just randomly try to record TikTok videos on your own, you might not get any views, or even worse: you’re account could get banned. Follow the guide below to learn how to correctly use TikTok for OnlyFans traffic generation!

Choose a niche

Before you start posting content to TikTok, you will need to choose a niche. This is the most important thing to do because you want to find people who are specifically into YOU and the type of content you’re going to be selling on OnlyFans or whichever membership site you’re using.

Your niche can be anything. There are essentially an unlimited number of niches in porn, just because there are an unlimited number of fetishes, kinks, and body types that people are attracted too.

Are you…

  • An Asian girl who likes to lift heavy at the gym? Perfect! There are plenty of guys into that.
  • Transgender girl who cosplays as her favorite anime characters? Huge niche!
  • Skinny Latino twink making solo masturbation videos? Lots of guys (and girls) will love it!
  • A mom who has a normal office job but likes to get naughty with her husband at night? Excellent!

These are just a few examples, but the main idea is to figure out what makes you unique and attractive to the types of people who might pay for your account.

It might even be helpful to think of your porn persona as a character you create and write a backstory for. It can all be fictional, but the point is to put yourself in some category / categories that make you stand out against all the other people trying to sell content online.

Which phone to use?

It’s recommended to use the newest iPhone you can to make content for TikTok. The iPhone camera is always one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. You want your video to look crisp and clear with vivid colors to attract attention. Remember: TikTok is an endless pit of content and if you’re posting lower quality videos, people will just swipe away without giving you a chance.

If you can’t afford a current generation iPhone, try to look for a used iPhone from previous generations. The video quality will still be good and you can find them at a slight discount.

What to post?

The good thing about TikTok is that, as an OnlyFans model, your job is mostly to be a thirst trap for people that would be attracted to you. Your videos don’t need to have much creativity or substance, you just need to look appealing and have something that gets pushed by the algorithm.

When you first make your TikTok account, try to find some other people who are ALSO selling on OnlyFans and in a similar niche to yours (if possible). Follow them, like and save their videos. You want to train the TikTok algorithm to only show you content by OnlyFans models.

Then, the next step is to save any video you see on your FYP (for you page, the default TikTok scrolling page) to an inspiration folder. This way you can build up a huge collection of video ideas.

Once you have a bunch of videos saved, go and pick the top performing videos (those with the most comments, likes, shares, etc.) and just copy the video idea exactly. Don’t try anything new, just stick to the same exact thing you see in the original video.

How much skin can I show on TikTok?

You need to be very careful about how revealing your videos are. While it might be tempting to show more skin or even try to be naked in a creative way, you should always keep your body totally covered. One good thing to do is to wear gym clothes or other tight clothing that show of your body shape without actually showing skin.

TikTok is very strict about keeping the platform work-safe and appropriate for all ages, so don’t try to do anything suggestive. When in doubt, just copy what other creators are doing and don’t try anything new.

Can I link to my OnlyFans profile on TikTok?

NO! Never link directly to your OnlyFans profile on TikTok. Don’t even use a landing page like LinkTree or Beacons. Be very careful about linking anything that makes it obvious you’re doing OnlyFans or selling adult content. This is a red flag for their system and you may end up with a banned account.

Instead, link your TikTok to your Instagram and put your LinkTree URL in your Instagram bio under the “website” section. This keeps you several steps removed from a direct link on your TikTok account.

If you’re worried people won’t be able to find your OnlyFans, you can mention in your bio that “my link is on my Instagram” or “check my IG for more”. If you’re making the right type of content, people will know that you’re probably selling more on another platform and they will know to check your Instagram profile.

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