OnlyFans recently announced that they would be banning explicit adult content (sex, masturbation, etc.) This came as a total shock to OnlyFans creators. Needless to say, they weren’t happy, and many scrambled to switch platforms and find another way to make money online with porn.

OnlyFans did roll back this decision a few days later, meaning that adult content is allowed to stay on OnlyFans.

However, many creators have decided to switch platforms. In this article we’ll look at some of the most popular alternatives to help new and veteran creators choose which site to use to making money with porn.

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Fansly website

This seems to be the most popular platform to switch to at the moment, with many creators switching over just 24 hours after OnlyFans announced that they were banning porn.

Fansly seems to include all the same features as OnlyFans and even adds many useful new features, such as the ability to search for creators on the site and also to follow creators for free before choosing to pay for a subscription.

According to the Fansly support team, they are also more flexible in terms of what types of content are allowed on the site. For example: urination and lactation content are both allowed on Fansly and weren’t allowed on OnlyFans.


Fancentro website

FanCentro is a long time OnlyFans competitor and includes the same basic features.

During the Tumblr porn ban in 2018, FanCentro offered users to migrate their Tumblr content over to FanCentro easily. They are now offering the same service for creators who want to migrate their content from OnlyFans (great idea!)

AVN Stars

AVN Stars website

Run by AVN (Adult Video News), AVN Stars is an OnlyFans competitor that has been around since 2019. Their content censorship rules are pretty liberal compared to OnlyFans, so if you’re creating niche or fetish content, AVN Stars might be a good choice.


PocketStars website with search filter

PocketStars is an adult content subscription site with good creator discovery features. You can filter by gender, ethnicity, hair color, body type, and even pubic hair or dick size!

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